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Please make a reservation
No take-out available

For reservations please call the restaurant and leave your name, phone number, number of people in your party, and your preferred date & time, and someone will call back to confirm

Izakayas have been an integral part of Japanese culture for over a century. An izakaya is Japan’s version of a pub or neighborhood drinking establishment. Traditionally, it is a cozy spot where friends can gather, have a few drinks, eat some food, and unwind. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable with plenty of laughter and amazing food. Izakayas can get loud and boisterous - but that is the point!


“Tapas” style food, or one-dish cuisine, meant for sharing amongst friends, is served. Generally, a first round of drinks is ordered while looking over the menu. Once the selections are ordered, the dishes never come out all at once, but rather in a progression at the chef’s discretion.


We take pride in every dish we put out. We want to offer an environment where you can slow down and enjoy yourself, your company, and the food. The protocol once inside is to have fun!

Welcome to our izakaya.

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